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Our UV-bulb production In our modern, highly specialized bulb manufacturing plant, we produce UV bulbs for a variety of applications. Because of the in-house production of UV-burners, so the "heart" of any UV system, allow us to offer perfectly matched UV bulbs to the customer needs for any purpose. Our deep understanding of the UV technology enables us to design and manufacture excellent UV systems and UV dryers also. We are rooted in the printing industry, serving the areas of all printing methods such as offset printing, screen printing, digital printing, flexo printing and pad printing.   Because we are able to design and manufacture UV bulbs also with special spectra,   we have the expertise to be a partner for the industry to develop new procedures, but   also to optimize existing processes. We can provide replacement bulbs for all types of   systems from different manufacturers as well as one-offs. The most common types of   bulbs are on stock, where we have more than 3000 bulbs available.   UV medium-pressure lamps (bulbs) have broad line spectra. These are located in the   ultraviolet and visible spectral range (from 200 nm to 600 nm). These bulbs are   designed for photochemical processes (eg curing of UV inks in digital printing, imaging   of printing stencils and clichés, curing of coated printed circuit boards, label printing   applications, glue hardening, curing of UV inks, etc.). On request we can produce    ozone-free UV-bulbs by using very special quartz glass qualities to allow the usage in sensitive work areas. Because we are committed to the environment and our customers, we offer for all delivered UV bulbs our disposal system. Just send us your used UV bulbs, freight prepaid, in sufficient packaging, we dispose it expertly and free of charge for you! Our product range can be divided basically into two classes of UV-bulbs: MH Bulbs (metal halide lamps) Metal halide (MH) bulbs are used mainly for reprographic applications, which require a specially adapted light spectrum. So called MH-bulbs are UV lamps which are doped with an addition of gallium, iron or other substances, which modify the spectral radiation of the burner to different requirements (eg, copying emulsions, clichés, plates, etc.). Mercury bulbs (mercury lamps) UV-mercury lamps are a type of bulb which is used frequently for the UV-curing (UV-Dryer, UV-bridges). We offer mercury bulbs for all needs. Because of our highly specialized bulb manufacturing, we can provide bulbs with lengths of 20 mm to 3 meters and power densities from 70W/cm up to 250W/cm.
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